Nurse Pro-Care
315 Kinoole Street
Hilo, Hawaii 96720

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About Us

Nurse Pro-Care  is a multi culturally-diverse group of health care professionals who consider their clients as families and also extended relatives. This view is applied in every level of service we provide. We care with a deep compassion and concern as we would for our own family.

Upon admitting you or a loved one for services, we go to your homes and identify needs which must be addressed in the making of a personalized Care Plan. A Registered Nurse supervises the maintenance of care.

Your health condition is the prime basis on deciding for the best approach for your care. Your attitude, tastes and preferences are highly considered by our team. With us, you are comforted with tolerance and kindness.

We match our Caregivers' experience to your needs. We pair you with the most qualified caregiver. If you have other questions about our team, please send us a message.

Nurse Pro-Care can:

*  Determine client needs and provide the staff needed whether it be an:

    RN, LPN, CNA, HHA, or HH.                               

*  Provide a comprehensive health assessment completed by RN.

*  Work with community agencies to refer client for specific needs.

*  Facilitate family meetings to help with care decisions.

*  Provide communication and support for families who live at a distance from their relative.

*  Collaborate with community Case Managers to provide the best care possible.


Our Mission

To provide the best, quality and reputable service in the home care and home health profession.


To become Hawaii's Number One choice for healthcare services.