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Every professional we have is well-compensated and is endowed with the right benefits and privileges a professional should acquire. Be part of a team that nurtures growth and prosperity. If you are interested, please fill-out the form below:

Certification and Release:

I certify that the above stated and indicated are true in fact and no misrepresentation of myself has been made. I understand that any false information, omissions or misrepresentation of facts will result in rejection of this application and/or discharge at any time during employment. I authorize Nurse Pro-Care. to verify any and all information contained within this application including criminal history, including in the state of Hawaii, and motor vehicle driving records. I authorize all persons, schools, companies and law enforcement authorities to release any information concerning my background and hereby release any said persons, schools, companies and law enforcement authorities from any liability for any damage whatsoever for issuing this information. I also understand that the use of illegal drugs is prohibited during employment and that I am not in any way, shape or form at present in the possession or use of illegal drugs and that I am willing to submit to drug testing at any time to detect the use of illegal drugs prior to or during my employment.


There may be undetectable, small cameras in some of our clients' homes. If you are found guilty of any theft or abuse at our clients' residence, there will be a thorough police investigation. The Family and Nurse Pro-Care. will prosecute. Theft or abuse is considered a felony.

Application Expiration:

This application will expire in 60 days. After that date, unless otherwise notified, I understand that my status as an applicant will end. I may re-apply for employment in the future by completing a new application.

Employment Agreement Clarification:

This application is not an employment agreement. If I accept an offer of employment, I understand that Nurse Pro-Care. may terminate my employment at any time, with or without cause and without prior notice, unless required by law. I understand that no one, other than an executive officer of the Agency, has the authority to enter into any employment agreement with terms contrary to the foregoing and then only in writing signed by such officer. I fully understand and accept all terms and conditions in the above statement.

Nurse Pro-Care. believes that the information solicited from the applicant is in full compliance with all Federal and State equal employment laws and with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We do not assume responsibility for the user's inclusion in this "Application for Employment" of any question which may violate Federal, Sate or Local laws and users should consult their own counsel with respect to any legal questions concerning the use of this form.